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Arve24 service fee is 4% from the net-of-VAT amount! The service fee will be automatically subtracted from the payment to the entrepreneur, and the fee will be calculated from the net-of-VAT amount. You can add as many invoices under one remuneration payment as you wish. Arve24 pricing is clear and affordable, there are no additional percentages nor hidden fees. Do note that the service fee does not include the sole propriator value added tax, withholding tax, nor the social security tax.

4% Service fee
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Costs applicable for light entrepreneurs

* Value added tax 20%
* Arve24 service fee 4%
* Social tax
* Withholding tax

The service fee includes:

* Invoicing via mail and email
* Automatic reminders
* Debt collection (without court)
* Notices and tax payment to relevant authority
* Notices and tax payments to the Tax Board (tax calculation, social tax, value added tax)
* Employment certificate (if the Swedish ID06 is required)
* Liability insurance, accident insurance
* Remuneration and basic exemption calculation
* Payments to the entrepreneur’s account