Buy in the work that you need done

We can also help when you need something done. You can get someone to get your work done with an invoice, without any of the obligations laid down for employers.

Take on a light entrepreneur using the Arve24 accounting platform! With Arve24, paperwork with temporary employees is easy. When the employee files a bill using Arve24, your company can pay for the work with just one payment. Your company does not have any binding obligations and can only profit from collaboration with a light entrepreneur. Arve24 also comes in handy when you need temporary help with grounded economic risks, for seasonal works or special projects. We take care of all the paperwork: employee insurance (including liability insurance), taxes, social security and remuneration payments.

Beneficial for the employer

* No usual employer taxes. Variable liability instead of a permanent one
* Invoice-based one-off payments
* The paid invoice VAT is refunded for the company
* Assistance with finding employees and minimized risk of choosing a wrong partner
* Easy collaboration with skilled personnel. You can offer better remuneration and more flexible working conditions

How does partnership via Arve24 work?

1. Choose a suitable professional
Ask the person to register as a light entrepreneur using the website.

2. Commission the project with the light entrepreneur
Conclude a commission contract with the professional, where you agree on the project outcome, price, payment deadline, and work details.

3. Pay according to the invoice
When the work is done, the light entrepreneur creates an invoice in the Arve24 portal, and emails it to your company.